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We specialize in many styles of tattooing ranging from American and Japanese traditional, all the way to photo realistic and everything in-between.

Πως ξεκινήσαμε

+Sensus ART TATTOO FAMILY was founded in 1996 with it’s headquarters located in Piraeus , Greece.

In 2004 we expanded by opening the first TATTOO STUDIO on the island of Mykonos,Greece the flagship of our country’s tourist destination (top 10 World Tourist Destination). This studio is located at the entrance of Mykonos town at Fabrica square.

In 2007 we continued our expansion by opening our second branch TATTOO STUDIO in the heart of Mykonos, located in Little Venice to meet the increased demand of tourist and Greek customers on the island.

In 2015 we expanded to Cyprus, Paphos by establishing there another branch tattoo studio, (Coral bay).

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Τι προσφέρουμε σήμερα

Currently we are one of the largest TATTOO BRANDS in the world with 14 job positions and 24 tattoo artists. Our working hours are 24/7 in Mykonos.

Undoubtedly the number looks impressive however it is not the only reason to visit our studio.

The majority of works of our members, the family of artists we have created, the variety of their styles and techniques, their talent and skills and most importantly their spirit to serve our customers and visitors in the best possible way are some virtues that are inextricably linked to the + SENSUS ART TATTOO FAMILY concept.

Η παρουσία μας στην βιομηχανία

The family of artists we have created has participated in many TATTOO CONVENTIONS and COMPETITIONS worldwide. Florence, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, etc. You name it!!!

We are committed to participate in as many domestic and worldwide tattoo festivals as possible to stay active and of course to improve. We always look to meet artists and potential customers from all over the world.

Realistic, linear, graphic, geometric, new traditional or old school, from the most modern art styles to the most traditional, Mykonos + Plus Sensus Art Tattoo guarantees the most perfect result every time.

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Η δραστηριότητά και οι συνεργασίες μας

In addition to the strictly and purely artistic department which has made us the best studios in the entire Aegean and Ionian Sea, our studios organize various events such as tattoo parties, club openings, fine art exhibitions, special themed days, art and painting exhibitions and sculpture exhibitions.

We host many famous guest artists from abroad, thus contributing to the development and advertising of Greece and of course Mykonos.

In addition, the studio collaborates and interacts with some companies such as Kat Von D, LA ink, Miami ink and Sullen Clothing, which have a special impact on television, in the USA and Australia.

Our studios have a large artists group, specialized in graffiti,  traditional mosaic sculpture and painting, with artists who enhance and enrich our activities. Our staff is  highly educated and experienced for the preservation of art.

Που βρισκόμαστε σήμερα

Today, after 25 years in the business, the result of our studio’s evolutionary journey shows that the power of will and hard work is extremely rewarding.

Our main goal is to always present wonderful works of tattoos and art as well as products related to them like T-Shirts, accessories and jewelry, to ensure that tourists visiting Greece will be satisfied and happy for trusting us.

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